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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Beware using free public Wi-Fi

Dear Friends we all love to use free data as we not going to shell out a single penny from our pocket , but sometimes it costs more than u can ever imagine , today i am gonna suggest u few steps with the help of it , i think u not gonna be cheated , few things can change your life and i hope u can be cautious and will avoid getted cheated by someone , i would really appreciate if u could revert me back with a reply so i can give my best support . wishing u friends all the best and lets go ahead and check out some steps so we can be cautious while using a free public WiFi.

Keep ur phones operating system up to date
 Dear friends when v use an android phone don't u think v always bother of the space as whenever there is an update v are least concern to update it , but always keep in mind updates are sent to harden the operating system , fix vulnerabilities and of course to prevent hackers from stealing our personal data , which is very much valuable to us . whenever a new IOS updates comes do download and install it in ur phone. And if u are very much concern about space issues on your phone then do use Cloud backup as its very must useful .

Always Use Mobile AntiVirus
Whenever we are using a public WiFi ( free ) , we should be cautious and ensure that does our phone has suitable security software installed or not. as security software provides a firewall , & malwares scanning & removal features . so be cautious when u next time start using a public free WiFi , As it can give a great loss ..

When WiFi is slow means DANGER
Friends when ever u logged in a free wifi at a public places and u find that the speed is very slow , than beware just logged out from it as possibilities are there u might have routed through and has been compromised another thing is that u might actual not connected to the wifi router but to another device posing as a router,  Wifi opens u all sorts of cyber crimes , it can happen in a very easy way the speed appears slow bcoz data is being routed via other device , so my dear friends please be very cautious while using a public wifi as sometime free can cost u ALOT

Please Avoid Shopping & Banking 
Dear Friends as we all love to shop online as so many fabulous offers are available , but do u think is public WiFi ( free ) places are suitable to do so , as many things can be stolen ur personal data ur passwords ur credit card details And beware never ever do any of the banking jobs like fund transfer , using credit card as chances are high to losse ur data .

When u done disable WiFi
Many of us always forget to swith off the wifi  as its very much dangerous to keep it On once u have finished ur job at free wifi places do remember to switch off ur wifi.

Always connect with VPN to public WIFi
Do u know all are risk can be taken care by VPN  when u use a public Wifi . VPNs have many purposes from proxy avoidance to overcoming region blocking. they are almost the best security tool u have for browsing the internet in any senses at public wifi .

Dear Friends if u like it , i will really appreciate if i can get some feedback from ur end hope u can too share ur meaningful thoughts ur experience in real life, which is gonna help me in many ways as i believe ur feedbacks are my inspiration to live .
with lots of love
Rajendra Singh


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