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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Smartphone Addiction try this

Here i Present u 3 apps that will help u fight Smartphone Addiction Problems 
Dear friends i know we all love to spent lot of time with our smartphone's. is it right ?, everybody is not happy with it and we all do want to reduce or cut down the screen time? but how don't u worry , There are quite a few apps which is gonna help u in this matter and i am sure once u use it u can yourself find out installing these apps was worth it . so lets check out  

As we all know Smartphones helps us a lot in our daily lives . but they also a big source of distraction too. U can find each and every one even u too checking up smartphone there and now for an updates on social media or an instant messaging app . CHECKY is the one of the best app for u in that case , it tells u exactly how many times u have checked ur phone during the day time comparison to yesterday , this way u can monitor ur usage and definetly cut down the time u spent on your smartphone .
do try this app as i am attaching the links if u find worth it go ahead 
link - link -,+Inc. 

Rescue Time
Now we have rescue time in our list , it is also one of the better one i found out for u my friends , if CHECKY tells u how much time u spend on ur smartphone , Rescue Time gives u data about how u have spend that time . It gives u the full information on the most used apps , time u spent on talking on phone and at last u can also track ur internet usage too. U can also set alerts to manage the time u spend on ur phone . Once u noticed that where u valuable time u wasted , U can put an end to it through this app. 
i hope friends if u like it do try this app link is below 
link - 

link -

Cold Turkey 
This is also one of the best app i think coz just imagine u are right in the middle of a critical office presentation and ur smartphone is constantly beeping with alerts about text or calls. how embarrased u feel as if u gonna loose something big . here it works at it best Cold Turkey is the app for the best critical occasion . all u have to do is set the time u don't wan't any disturbance and simply activate it .
i hope u gonna love it too link is below give it a shot 
link - link -

my dear friends if u liked it applied it, do reply me with ur feedback as ur feedbacks are my only inspiration  to live.

with lots of love 
rajendra singh 


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