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Monday, August 14, 2017

How Criminals "hack" into ATMs

As we all knew very well that every year we Witnessed the biggest financial data breaches  in Banking , over 100 million Debit Cards of more than 1000 Banks around the globe were hacked , Customers affected included those from some of the top banks around the world. according to reports it says that Malware somehow creeped into the bank ATMs infecting the banking systems too. This malware subsequently affect the other banks atm too. there are some other traps too that frauders set up at the ATMs to dupe the customer , Here are some of the common ways that a criminal uses to hack into the ATMs.

Card Skimmer
 These types of devices are installed on the card reader slot to either copy the information from the magnetic strip of your card or to steal the card itself

Bulky Card Slots
Just be careful if u find the card slot bulky or misaligned  , as there can be a chance that an additional card reader slot has been placed on top of the actual one so be very careful .

Loose Slot
 One more thing interesting and to be careful for getting an attack from hackers is loose slot , in case u find that the slot is little bit loose , it indicates the presence of a loop which can be a small plastic device with a barb that holds ur card back in the machine , u might have a impression that the machine has swallowed ur card or it might have stuck .

False Front 
Many a times it happens so , that u find little difficult to detect the fake front of the machine as its been installed on top of it , this allows the hackers or fraudsters to get your pin as well as ur money too.

Fake Keypads
 This can happen so easily that no one can make out , as it can be placed actually above the actual Keypad . if u find ur Atm machines Keypad spongy to touch or loose , we suggest u not to enter ur pin , as u can get cheated by any hackers or fraudsters.

Hidden Camera
Please be very cautious while using your pin at the Atm , as it might be possible a hidden camera might have install to get the details of your Pin and ur debit or credit cards Details too .be very cautious .

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